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    Kwenzeka ntoni emva kokuba ndifake Into Enokonwatyelwa kuAirbnb ukuze ihlolwe?

    After you complete identity verification and submit your experience, it’s reviewed to ensure it meets Airbnb’s quality standards and requirements. This process includes a review of both the host and the experience, and takes approximately 1 week for in-person experiences.

    Reviews of online experiences are currently paused, so experiences will be waitlisted upon submission.

    After your experience has been reviewed, you will be notified of the outcome via email and on your host dashboard.

    How it works

    Four potential outcomes are possible:


    Your experience meets Airbnb’s quality standards and requirements and has been published on Airbnb. You can now add hosting availability to your calendar and start accepting bookings. Learn more about how bookings work for Airbnb experiences.


    Your experience does not meet Airbnb’s quality standards and requirements. Consider reviewing these requirements and submitting a new idea.

    Edit & resubmit 

    Your submission needs a few changes to meet our standards before it can be published. Review the suggestions in the feedback email, re-familiarize yourself with the quality standards and requirements, and re-submit your experience for review after making the necessary changes.

    License and insurance verification 

    Experiences involving certain technically-specialized activities, such as transportation, are subject to heightened review and require additional documentation before being published on Airbnb. If your experience requires additional credential or insurance checks, you will be notified by Evident ID, a third party company that completes these checks for experiences. Learn more about what additional documentation you need to provide for your Airbnb experience.

    Note: If you're a host from India, find out more about the identity verification process for hosts in our Airbnb India community.

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